Wednesday, November 26, 2014

American Tartary holidays

Smash the State Day.

The 3rd Tuesday in November is designated as the official date citizens may clash with The Truest Patriots and Defenders of the Homeland.

Every city population over 5,000 is allowed by the government to have an officially sanctioned Grievance area. Grievance areas are designated by the US government sub-bureau of rebellion and obsolescence, a lower level bureau under the control of the Secretary of Marketing and Business Relations.

Permits for interested citizens who want to rebel against the state are required  and can be filled out in person at your local mail provider or can be downloaded by anyone with a 16.6k modem. (1)

(1) Unless otherwise notified Smash the State coupons are honored only within the city you participated in.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bootstraps and bullshit

So working on +Dust I looked into one of the better modern Southern Gothic song writers and I find this... Yes it passed but it made me remember that American folklore is dark. Boot straps and no help. No one helps you but the kindness of strangers. Hopefully. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jerkhole NPC traits

d12  jerkhole friendly NPC  traits.

1 Never returns a favor.

2 Always asks to borrow a weapon in combat.

3 Never washes their hands after using the bathroom.

4 Never pays back loans from friends or gives back items they borrow.

5 Constantly talk about how much they like Bards.

6 Tells you they will help out. Shows up 30 minutes late.

7 Has no inside voice.

8 Brings up embarrassing things when you are trying to impress someone.

9 Vegan. Seriously.

10 Bronan the Contrarian.

11 No matter the situation will always hit on the sex they are have an interest in.

12 Always acts broke.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tartary ghouls


HD- 1d-2
AC- 12
Attacks- 1 special, see below
Encountered- Level of PC is dice type times 4
Movement- Heavily encumbered
Conditions when they appear- 5% times level.

The entertainment complex seeks out new flesh. The churn means that ghouls seek new opportunities to seek out new adventuresome types for the tabloids which feed them.

The Ghouls are many and they take pictures. Every time in AM Tart that you are are in the public the DM will roll a secret roll to see if a ghoul sees you in public. If this happens the PC must make a saving throw. Failure indicates that the PC was seen at an inopportune time and loses on a d10 roll..... 1d10 roll 1-8 d100 times level xp 9-10 a randomly determined attribute. roll 1d6 pick that trait.

Ghouls are only noticed by a PC level 2 and below 1 on a d6, level 3&4 2 in a d6, level 5&6 3 on a d6, etc.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Space Age Bachelor Pads

Precis – Space age 1950s colonial, fabulism.

Conspectus: The major powers have conquered space travel through and an ever increasing reliance of robots. Jetsonian technology has allowed work hours to be minimal. Complaint robot slaves take care of menial tasks like cleaning and drive allowing humans to interact w/out having to take care of menial chores.
Human bonds are still intact as social media never became a thing. Humans interact via video phone and direct communication. Phones never became more then phones.

Taste- Like every food should taste out of a cookbook and made by someone who can never taste.

 Sound- Esquivel, Combustible Edison, Tipsy.

 Image- Silver, coiffed ‘50s hair styles via a 2014 viewpoint, extravagance.  Retro-fusturist everything.

No clue this system but this should be a thing.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trailer Park Barbarian

Live, love and protect yer own buzz. Trailer Park Barbarians rage against the idle gossip of bullshit white trash and against the dirt bag so called friends that take one too many beers from the case of natty you pitched in $7 for.

Attributes- d10 strength d10 vigor d4 smarts  d6 agility

Skills- guts d6, persuasion d4, taunt d8, smarts d4, riding d10 (anything 4 wheeled)

Hindrances- Piss drunk (can only use skills then) one dice shift down for attributes

Edges- Done wrong (Call 1 enemy. 1 dice type to attack better against them and their known allies until they die. Lower defense by  1 dice type until that main enemy dies.)

Trailer Park Barbarian ( Pull card to find how many rounds you rage. Dice are bumped up by 1d3 steps. Automatically lose 1d4 health levels. If bumped below death PC continues until the round they would expire per rage.)

Saturday, December 21, 2013

2014 projected projects

Based on Chris Cantons post

Just b/c I have never finished anything does not mean I won't.

Last year's productivity was expended upon my mental health. Depression is an awful thing. So yes, that is where my mental energy has been when not talking Tartary over the last year.

This is what I have in my mind for things I need to finish in no order.


1. Dust- Still split into monsters, player's guide and dm/hex map of the US in fantasy great depression. It is 150+ pages at this point and is in need or revisions. 70 monsters and rules for playing fantasy American great depression games. At this point it needs a kiss and hug. Told what is wrong with it's homework and then find artwork or deciding whether to beg for $ (KS) or not.

2. Mothership- Afrocentric futurist space pharaoh colonialism.

3. American Tartary- The Player's Guide is done-ish. The setting is when President Pay-gun got his wish and the commies destroyed the US but it never ended and the Military-Entertainment complex took over... So you the setting idea is done. It is editing the sense into a doc.

4. Wrestleworld- Done for a year od&d style wrestling game never bothered to publish. American, Mexican and Japanese style PCs represented. Easily used in older style rpgs as PCs.

5. Fantasy Fucking Haiti- Races done. Background in place, many factions in place. Hardest part is to  not rail road this w/out making people feel like they are a background part b/c I need to make event move forward and have not how to do this organically.

6. Blue Rabbit Bar Guide- Crap loads of tables to roll on the spot for a bar and hooks that can be placed in a game. Have most done, need to fix it all. Want this a short book.

7.  I have a cute squee game that is about Tea parties and hugs I have on my mind but about that. Conflict through petty gossip..............