Monday, March 30, 2015

The Dragons of Poppy Smoke

The Dragons of Poppy Smoke.

When a man signs a contract with Old Scratch, Mr. Scratch, Boruta (or any local variant of the Devil), with the express purposes of attaining financial gain, is it stipulated that if he breaks his word he will be turned into like a Behemoth and that he shall bear this form until Judgment Day.

If he is the head of a family Old Scratch will curse these family members to be turned into valuable trinkets. The more he loved them the more valuable and brimming with dark magic they will be.

They are also to be given a coin for every sin they have committed in the name of the Lord written in Enochian. These coins will be marked with the sin, and the true name of the one who committed it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Goblins of Poppy Smoke

Description- Debutantes and desperadoes. Hedonists and thrill seekers. Goblins, all human type creatures that pledge their souls to any hedonistic god. They subsist of liquor, drugs and nicotine. Regain health through drinking the blood of god fearing folk. 

Goblins like talking about particular petty things in music. The best way to eat humans. Proper etiquette while blacked out. In fact most goblin etiquette is about how to properly talk when you cannot think.

Goblins worship the dark unknown and are encouraged to blackout. Insights gained doing this are encouraged and only can be gained from the insights other participants. 

Those that can live long enough to be gaunt, addicted and despondent are seen as true prophets and what they see in "their visions" are seen as prophesies.

+ to Attackers roll –negative 2 to all rolls against goblins. The glimmer radiating off them is transcendent.  The most absurd version of human transcendence. Beautiful Abominations.

Hit Points – 1d6 Xs how many souls they have ate.
Special abilities –so pretty -2 to all attack rolls against them. fight the man +1 to any roll against anything with a higher hit dice

Attack Dice-  Unless notated they attack at the same rate as the first person that hit the group. So a person rolling a 1d10 would expect an attack at the same rate, etc...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Charm Limb

Charm Limb

Spell level 2.

 This spell applies to all living creatures near to or less than man-size, excluding all monsters in the "Undead" class but including Non NPC fae. If the spell is successful it will cause the charmed entity's limb to come under the influence of the Magic-User. Any action that does not directly effect the target's direct peril will be followed. Any that directly puts the target's life then in peril can be save at an appropriate save versus spell. If the save succeeds the target is in control of that limb.

Rounds to control limb equals HD/level rounds + 1d4 or CHA bonus rounds whichever is higher.

Every round the attacker gets to choose how they move.

Additional uses of the spell are in accordance of the target at that moment. If the PC is put in danger by how this limb is used, to attack itself, then they gain a save versus spell, - caster Hd/level, to resist. Success equals resist, PCs can resist equal to the amount their WIS bonus.

Each spell is cast against a limp can be done multiple times.

range 12 feet.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

American Tartary holidays

Smash the State Day.

The 3rd Tuesday in November is designated as the official date citizens may clash with The Truest Patriots and Defenders of the Homeland.

Every city population over 5,000 is allowed by the government to have an officially sanctioned Grievance area. Grievance areas are designated by the US government sub-bureau of rebellion and obsolescence, a lower level bureau under the control of the Secretary of Marketing and Business Relations.

Permits for interested citizens who want to rebel against the state are required  and can be filled out in person at your local mail provider or can be downloaded by anyone with a 16.6k modem. (1)

(1) Unless otherwise notified Smash the State coupons are honored only within the city you participated in.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bootstraps and bullshit

So working on +Dust I looked into one of the better modern Southern Gothic song writers and I find this... Yes it passed but it made me remember that American folklore is dark. Boot straps and no help. No one helps you but the kindness of strangers. Hopefully. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jerkhole NPC traits

d12  jerkhole friendly NPC  traits.

1 Never returns a favor.

2 Always asks to borrow a weapon in combat.

3 Never washes their hands after using the bathroom.

4 Never pays back loans from friends or gives back items they borrow.

5 Constantly talk about how much they like Bards.

6 Tells you they will help out. Shows up 30 minutes late.

7 Has no inside voice.

8 Brings up embarrassing things when you are trying to impress someone.

9 Vegan. Seriously.

10 Bronan the Contrarian.

11 No matter the situation will always hit on the sex they are have an interest in.

12 Always acts broke.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Tartary ghouls


HD- 1d-2
AC- 12
Attacks- 1 special, see below
Encountered- Level of PC is dice type times 4
Movement- Heavily encumbered
Conditions when they appear- 5% times level.

The entertainment complex seeks out new flesh. The churn means that ghouls seek new opportunities to seek out new adventuresome types for the tabloids which feed them.

The Ghouls are many and they take pictures. Every time in AM Tart that you are are in the public the DM will roll a secret roll to see if a ghoul sees you in public. If this happens the PC must make a saving throw. Failure indicates that the PC was seen at an inopportune time and loses on a d10 roll..... 1d10 roll 1-8 d100 times level xp 9-10 a randomly determined attribute. roll 1d6 pick that trait.

Ghouls are only noticed by a PC level 2 and below 1 on a d6, level 3&4 2 in a d6, level 5&6 3 on a d6, etc.