Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wrestleworld Player's Guide version 1


What Wrestleworld is like
Precis: A series of dungeons, and fun houses devised by various wrestling bookers. Monsters that look like professional wrestlers, faces, heels, and tweeners, fill these dungeons, and arenas.

Conspectus: Wrestleworld is a series of dungeons and fun houses connected by a central flea market. Each dungeon is an expression of the booker who runs it. Some are filled with gruesome weapons like c4 explosives, and barbed wire spider nets, others sports entertainment, and another the imagination of a small indy promoter in Mexico. Each area is filled with the wrestling tropes that surround each style. Old ladies yelling for the last piece of pizza, low treasure payouts and washed up has beens fill the indy dungeon. Sport entertainment areas emphasize glitz, and story lines over action and skill. If you've read this much I guess you know about wrestling and get where I am going.

Taste: PBR
Sound: Motorhead- Ace of Spades
Image: The first Samoa Joe v. NecroButcher match.

Ability Scores
Roll 4 d6 in order- drop the lowest. If you roll 4d6s on a single stat you can use the last 6 towards the next stat.
-  STR
-  INT
-  WIS
-  DEX
-  CON
-  CHA
- Gold

Hit Points
-  Add 1d8 for every level gained, plus constitution bonus.
- Prime Requisite for your sub-class is your starting AC.

- Weapons are only allowed in dungeons consider hardcore, extreme or death match, and they can only be melee weapons.
- No shields, helmets yes.
- There are magic items, belts, capes, moves.

Roll a 20 roll on a chart

Signature Moves

Roll a 19, describe the move. 5hp damage.

- Wrestler-Pick a Style(Luchador, US/Canadian), then pick a subclass.
- Manager (when I get around to writing that out)

1- 0
2- 2,000
3- 4,000
4- 8, 000
5- 16,000
6- 32,000
7- 50,000
8- 75,000
9- 100,000
10- 200,000
11- 300,000
12- 400,000
13- 500,000
14- 600,000
15- Must defeat Wold Champion in single handed combat.

Prime requisite bonuses and penalties

17+ 10% additional XP and +1 to attack
15+  5% additional XP and +1 to attack
14   + 1 to attack
9-13 No negatives or positives
7-8 -1 to attack
6 and below -1 to attack and -10 XP

Constitution bonuses and penalties

18 reroll 1s on hit dice +1 to each hit dice. 1x per session can roll 1d4 to heal self
15-17 +1to each hit dice. reroll 1s on hit dice
13-14  reroll 1s on hit dice
9-12 Glass ceiling no bonuses or penalties
8-7 -1 from total on hit dice rolls
6 or below -2 from total on hit dice rolls

Dexterity bonuses and penalties

18 +2 on dive attacks.
13-17 +1 on dive attacks.
9-12 Average high flyer.
8-7 -1 on dive attacks.
6 or below -2 on dive attacks

Sub-classes- Prime Req
- Luchadore

The luchadore's mask, if they choose to wear one is the heart of their persona. At no time shall they be seen in public without their mask.

Any luchadore may start a feud with another luchadore and request a mask v. mask single combat match. This match shall consist of a best 2 out of 3 falls, each fall starting from a full level of HP. Unless a death match is called which ends when 1 of the luchadores dies. Upon loss they will lose 1 level, lose any magical powers contained in the mask, and 2 CHA have to publicly unmask, and reveal their true identity. The ripping off of a mask during such an event results in the loss of the match immediately. Winning luchadores gain one level so long as the one that fought is at least 1 level above them. The winning luchador keeps the maks of the loser as a trophy and gains any magically abilities within that mask, which are automatically transferred into theirs. Unless they do not don a mask. In  which case it becomes part of their hair.

Maskless luchadores can also engage in such fights. A lost will have them lose their hair and transfer magical power into the hair/mask of the winner. Winners have the right to keep the hair of the loser as a trophy.

Luchadores cannot wear armor. They use their Subclass prerequisite as armor class.

Luchadores attack, with their hands, feet, submission moves at 1st level w/ 1d4. 3rd-6th 1d6, 7th-10th 1d8, and 11-14th 1d10.

Weapons are of the improvised sort which the find in the area around a fight.

At 7th level a luchadore may acquire a mini version of themselves. (separate then mini listed below) Treat this mini as a replica of the PC. They have 3/4 the attributes of the PC, without any of the magical abilities acquired. PCs are responsible for upkeep.

At 9th level the luchador can open a wrestling school and acquire trainees.

Within every kingdom there is only 1 15th level Luchador. At 14th level a luchador must seek out the local champion and request a best 2 out of 3 falls. If he wins the match he attains 15th level, the loser goes back 1 level.

-Rudo- Chaotic or any Evil alignment. +1 to reaction rolls with Chaotic monsters.
-Technico- Law or Lawful good/Lawful Neutral+1 to reaction with Law(ful) monsters.
-5th level +1 against vampires, zombies, mummies.
-15 level +3 against vampires, zombies, mummies.
- High Flyer- Dex 14.
-1st level Plancha ability- +1 to hit &  +1 damage for diving onto Monsters from a height of 6 feet+.
-3rd level Senton- +1 to hit &  +1 damage for diving onto Monsters lying prone no matter the height.
- 5th level 630 Senton- +2 to hit &  +2 damage for diving onto Monsters from a height of 6 feet+.

-Mini- Hobbits or below 8 STR and of a very short stature.
-1st level Small- +1 AC for being so damn small.
-3rd level- Cute- +1 reaction to any non combatant because they find you're tiny version of a regular luchadore so damn cute.
-5th level-Sneaky- +2 while sneaking from behind and delivering a called shot to the groin.

Maestro- 40 years or older. Wis 12.
-1st level- He's been here before. +1 when checking for traps.
-3rd level- Grappling knowledge. +1 for any grappling holds, +1 for damage.
-5th level- 1,000 ways to break a bone. +2 to hit +2 for damage on called grappling shots.

Exoticos- Cha 12
-1st level-Under estimated strength. +1 to damage.

-3rd level- Knows a deal when he sees it. Subtract 5% from the price of  anything they are buying.
-5 level- He makes them uncomfortable because they love him. -2 morale check for sentient monster.

Extreme- Con 13
-1st level- Born tough or dumb, probably both- +1 to any HP dice rolls.
-3 level- No fear of heights. You leave a loud splat- +2 to any dex checks for jumping from 15+ feet. +1hp per died rolled if it fails.
-5th level- Improvised weapon proficiency- +2 to hit and +2 damage for any improvised weapon attack.

Brawler- STR 12
-1st level- I hit you first. +1 to reaction roll.
-3rd level- Bring a knife to a chair fight.- Allowed to carry 1 improvised weapon.
-5th level- No sell.- 1x per session. Can call to ignore a hit BEFORE it is rolled on them.

American/Canadian Wrestler
Wrestlers cannot wear armor. They use their Subclass prerequisite as armor class.

Wrestlers  attack, with their hands, feet, submission moves at 1st level w/ 1d4. 3rd-6th 1d6, 7th-10th 1d8, and 11-14th 1d10.

Weapons are of the improvised sort which the find in the area around a fight.

Level 6 you can get a Manager, treat as henchmen, they will rarely fight but are there to make sure all your other needs are met.

At 9th level a Wrestler can open a wrestling school and acquire trainees.

Within every kingdom there is only 1 15th level Champion. At 14th level a Wrestler must seek out the local champion and request a match of the Champion's choosing. If he wins the match he attains 15th level, the loser goes back 1 level.


Face- Law or Lawful good/Lawful Neutral +1 to reaction with Law(ful) monsters.
'Tweener Neutral
Heel- Chaotic or any Evil alignment.+1 to reaction rolls with Chaotic monsters.
Brawler Str 10 Con 10
-1st level-Clobberin'- +1 to hit
-3rd level- Oklahoma tuff- +/-1 AC (which you're using)
-5th level- Pile driver (small to medium Monster) Lariat (Large+ Monsters)- +2 to hit, +3 damage.

High Flyer- 12 Dex
-1st level- Dropkick- +1 attack
-3rd level- Rana- Must be done from a height taller than the Monster. +1 attack +1damage
-5th level- Flying flash- Flying attack onto a Monster. Height jumped must be at least 6 feet tall +2 attack +_2 damage.

Death Match- 12 Con
- 1st level- It's only a flesh wound- When attacked by Monsters deduct 1hp from all damage rolls.
-3rd level- Bring any weapon to the dance- Barbed wire baseball bat, 2x4 with a water bottle spiked with nails. Bring it. Make sure the DM is cool w/ it all.
-5th level- Scarring has its advantages- All those shots to the head have toughened you up. Now if you could remember where that thing was. +2 Con -2INT.

Charismatic- 14 Cha
-1st level- Taking to da pay windah'- Between levels 1 and 3 you get a 10% experience bonus. You are getting pushed up dah' cahd.
-3rd level- The touch of the common man/whipping boy- You attract one henchmen
-5th level-Target- The attention you have received from the 1st 4 levels has not gone unnoticed. For the whole of level 5 you are the spotlight of all Monster s hoping to make a name for themselves. At level 6 this fate goes to some other jaboroni.

Technical Wis 12
-1st level- Methodical- +1 to any listen check.
-3rd level- Precise- Can reroll one time per gaming session.
-5th level- Find your flaws- Roll under intelligence find the flaw of a Monster.

Southern 12 Cha
-1st level- Kissing/punching babies. Face +1 reaction when dealing with NPCs. Heel -1 reaction when dealing with NPCs.
-3rd level- The stall. On a successful Cha roll can successful stall Monsters from attacking you for one full turn even in the middle of a fight. Can be used once per gaming session
-5th level- Fireball- 1x per day. Damage 2d6. Failure backfires, and results in a save vs. spell for the PC, hireling or henchmen nearest the player. A successful saving throw results in taking half damage of the fireball rounded down.

Submission Int 12
-1st level- Expert counter- +1 reaction roll.
-3rd level- Rest hold- If attack roll if successful the Monster must Save vs stone to break hold. Every round it is held roll normal damage until broken up or successful save versus roll.
-5th level- Master of submission- Grappling roll +1 to attack +3 to damage.

Evil Foreigner 12 Str only Chaos or Evil PCs
-1st level- Hate you petewey +1 attack +1 damage against all Law/Lawful
-3rd level- Flag spear- Treat their national/feudal flag as if it were a spear
-5th level-Great foreign threat +3 attack +3 damage. You are vulnerable to holy symbols not of your nation.

Japanese Wrestler
-Not yet finished

Tag team attack.

Prerequisites- At the beginning of the session a tag team must come up with a tag name for a duo or trio and/or a stable name for the party as a whole. If your party decides to turn on each other you must indicate that you are forming a new group, and pick a new tag name if you did not already declare a tag team early that is still intact after turn.

The Monster double teamed must have already been hits 2xs to indicate that they have been softened up. No prereqs for HP loss just 2 hits.

Attack- Both individuals, or in the case of a triple team must be within touching range, unless 1 member declares a diving attack, on the Monster, and declare a double, triple, quadruple team move. They also must describe the double, triple (whatever) team move being preformed to amuse the DM, and also let them know where you will be standing if you botch a roll indicating who get hit by whom.

If the move is successful each PC rolls 2d6 +damage modifiers. For a double team it would be 4d6 +modifiers, triple team 6d6 +modifiers.

All must pass their hit rolls in order for the attack to work. In the case of a rolled 1 the move backfires and each of the PCs involves takes 1d6 damage per rolled 1. The description of what went wrong is left up to the DMs discretion but should play along how the PCs described their double, triple team attack.

-Minis who have same restrictions as Hobbit/Halfling class